Friday, 27 May 2011

Super belated band post - Airship

A couple of months ago I went to see Airship, The Chapman Family and The Joy Formidable at Electric Circus and although I didn't think much of the two headliners I was very extremely impressed by Airship. This has lead to their latest EP Algebra being played on heavy rotation. The title track sticks out to me as just an amazing song, the synths and lyrics overlap a thundering rhythm section and it subtly reminds me of a band I once loved but have now all but forgotten - Silversun Pickups. The rest of the album is coloured with the influences of American grunge rock bands like The Pixies, it's always a nice surprise when something other than the expected howl of Black Francis comes in during Spirit Party.

I believe the band are currently working on a debut album and a few weeks ago the tracks 'Kids' surfaced online; it's most certainly a promising effort with all the melodies and driving rhythms that made their sophomore EP stick in my head. Have a listen!

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