Sunday, 27 March 2011

Esperi Session

So, as promised here are the tracks from the session with Esperi from back in February! He's playing tonight at The Store as part of an amazing line up with Enfant Bastard, Vasquez and Dead Boy Robotics, I urge you to get down to it!

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Enfant Bastard session

So yeah, apparently 4th year is a busy time at uni, who'd have thought? But I'll definitely be making time on Sunday night for "Ginger Music Present: Dead Boy Robotics, Vasquez, Enfant Bastard and Esperi" at The Store; one of the best line ups I've seen in a while.

Last month both Enfant Bastard and Esperi came into the studio and recorded sessions for us which we were planning to play on Fresh Air on Saturday but we just found out that the studio stops broadcasting tomorrow! (sorry Cammy and Chris!)

I'll be posting Esperi's session on Saturday but for your listening pleasure on such a nice day here is Enfant Bastard's Micro Mix.

(Photo: (c) Arezoo Robinson)

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

A small update on our radio silence

So it turns out the end of February/start of March is a very busy time for us. Due to playing with Last Battle at Kid Canaveral's SXSW fundraiser on the 26th and Trapped Mice's EP launch on the 5th we've missed the last two radio shows. The next two weeks are also up in the air due to The Last Battle touring plans but hopefully there will be a show, so keep an ear out on between 6 and 7 Saturdays!