Thursday, 13 January 2011

Back in action!

Happy new year! Even for students we've taken a long Christmas break where I examined the damage writing my dissertation in the van and various Costa's while on tour with The Last Battle has done to my degree, worth it though!

This week seems to be the start of things kicking off in music for me in 2011 with Trapped Mice playing tonight at Bannermans before hitting Glasgow for recording at Elba Studios and Ayetunes's gig at the end of the week. We're also recording our first session of the year on Saturday with I Build Collapsible Mountains after our first attempt in a session with him ended in technical failure.

We should be back on Fresh Air at either the end of January or start of February and we have another 2of our favourite bands confirmed for sessions but you'll have to wait to find out who they are! We're ideally wanting to have a band on the show every week so if you want to come in or know any bands who would then get in touch via email or twitter.

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