Thursday, 30 December 2010

Found in Sound Top 10 Scottish Albums of 2010

This was meant to be a show on Fresh Air on the 12th December but we didn't have time to pre-record it before heading off to England with The Last Battle. These were voted for by me, Charlotte and Michael who frequently guests on the show. We decided that anything with 6 or more songs counted so honourable mentions go to Eagleowl's Into The Fold and The Twilight Sad's The Wrong Car which couldn't make the list.

How do you describe an album like this one? It's 8-bit. It sounds like a horror version of Mario where every so often he turns round and talks shit at you. But most of all it's just awesome. We put this album in our top ten because it shows you can create something melodic and memorable without having to use guitars and vocals. - Brian

Over The Wall's debut full length release came late in the year and ends which what is likely the most uplifting minute and a half in Scottish music. From the opening electronic beats of Shifts all the way to the epic Thurso this album is a mash up of drum machine, guitar and trumpet and they all work to complement each other perfectly. - Brian

This album is full of electronic beats and hooks and is probably the only thing on this list that could be danced to with any ease. Along with Enfant Bastard, Errors shows how not all the great music coming from Scotland just now is necessarily folk. If we were including American bands in this list Come Down With Me would be inseparable from Holy Fuck's Latin, both excellent albums. - Brian

7. The Scottish Enlightenment - St. Thomas

I was slightly disappointed by the lack of excitement in the band's set at the Edinburgh launch for this album. However I did think there was potential for the songs to come together to create something special on the record. When I got home I realised I was right in thinking this and after a few listens it becomes apparent the album is full of slow burning gems. The guitar work is exceptional, from the atmospherics in The First Will Be Last and the 'Big Guitars' in Little Sleep are particular highlights. - Brian

This mini-album is the reason that the cutoff was set at 6 songs- it had to be included. Ross has been writing songs for ages, but this is the first time that any have been put out without his name on the front. For a lot of the bands here, the instruments provide most of what makes them stand out but for Three Blind Wolves it's just the way they play. Americana is what Three Blind Wolves do, and they do it well! - Michael

5. Kid Canaveral - Shouting at Wildlife

I don't think there is a song on this album that I don't like! I discovered Kid Canaveral quite late on in the year but the play count on this album probably exceeds most others. Mixing between girl and boy lead vocal and extremely catchy guitar riffs, this album just draws you right in and makes you want to dance 'til you drop. - Charlotte

4. Frightened Rabbit - The Winter of Mixed Drinks

Frightened Rabbit returned this year with their fullest sounding album yet. Well on their way to becoming an established band, this album reminds you why their audience is still growing. The band thought previous albums had suffered from a lack of studio time but that was not a problem this time round. They have added layers to the album but managed to use this advantageously with their mix of anthemic tunes and bitter but hopeful songs that have become their signature. - Michael

3. The Last Battle - Heart of the Land, Soul of the Sea

Ah, The Last Battle. Some may say that this is perhaps a biased vote due to some members involvement in the band, but even without that this is undoubtedly one of the best albums of the year. I could honestly listen to this for hours, singing my heart out to all the little ditties. It's a well rounded mixture of excitable pop folk and heartfelt confessions. The harmonies are beautiful and all instruments infuse perfectly to create this truly wonderful creation. At just over half an hour, it may seem a little short, but that just means you can listen to it all the more. - Charlotte

2. Admiral Fallow - Boots Met My Face

Admiral Fallow have made a debut album that is impossibly close to flawless. Here are 10 songs which show Louis Abbot's well written lyrics, astounding instrumental breaks thanks to the clarinet and flute, boy/girl harmonies thrown in aplenty and at least one instance of rocking out.
My vote had Admiral Fallow at number one just for the simple fact that their album is so well put together. Brian recommended this to me a while back, and I regret taking so long to listen- it came as such a surprise that I'd been missing out on them for as long as I had. - Michael

1. Meursault - All Creatures Will Make Merry

An anticipated second album from one of Edinburgh's leading bands. And they certainly didn't disappoint. Following on from 'Pissing on Bonfires/Kissing with Tongues' the band have yet again found that magic mixture between loud, rousing anthems and minimal reflective folk pieces. How they manage to master both of these and include them all on one album to make it work is anyone's guess, but done it they have and it rightfully sits atop our Albums of 2010! A remarkable accomplishment from the band and one we will be listening to for years to come. - Charlotte

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