Saturday, 5 February 2011

My new music #2 - Sleigh Bells - Treats

Since it's Saturday and I'm planning on making this a regular blog post I had better tell you what I've randomly found this week. Again it's completely by chance that I found this album, I was trying out that 'Tune-in Radio' app and put Radio 1 on, cos it was 7 o'clock on a Wednesday and Zane Lowe is awesome... When he opened the show with a band called Sleigh Bells I internally sighed and though "meh, not one of those bands with a cool name" but the opening beats and guitars made me think of Death From Above 1979 so gave it a go.

I'm not going to pretend that this is an album with which I share the same infatuation with as last week's Hometowns. I'm still not sure about the constantly distorted vocals and the lack of variation between tracks is slightly disappointing. Don't expect any lyrical genius or layered soundscapes but if you need something to rock out to tide you over until Death From Above (hopefully) release any new material or to mourn the loss of The White Stripes then have a listen to this band! Also, if you like my list of loud bands with two members then consider Lightning Bolt and Japandroids further listening recommendations. So until next week when I probably tell you about a band with a song from a Superbowl advert, here is the video for Sleigh Bells' Infinity Guitars which is officially their best song (if you believe Spotify). Oh, and listen in to between 6 and 7 today for our first show of 2011!

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